Hartnell’s Hair: Cultural Movement or Power Mane?

Power forward's hair hasn't been trimmed in 18 months

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Scott Hartnell, power forward for the Philadelphia Flyers, has a lot of hair.  Eighteen months' worth of red, curly hair that has been described by some (the700level.com) as a 'cultural movement of great significance.'

Others, like Adam Kimelman of NHL.com, say that, as his curly locks have grown, so has his strength on the ice. (Don't Touch Hartnell's Hair)

Bleacherreport.com, however, claims it's not the hair and that Hartnell is like "a giraffe trying to, not only win a limbo contest, but simply participate and be respected in one."      

Hartnell's hair, meanwhile, has grown a life of its own -- so much so that the team's marketing guys came up with a promotional idea for it: Scott Hartnell Wig Night

On Thursday, March 26, when the Flyers host Florida at the Wachovia Center, the first 5,000 fans and all kids age 14 and under will receive a bushy brown wig.   

"If you didn't have fun with what you're doing, you wouldn't work as hard and get out there and battle," Hartnell told Bill Fleischman of philadelphiaflyers.com.  "... But we can't be distracted from our ultimate aim, to win hockey games."

We agree.  And considering he's in the middle of playing his career-best season, we think Hartnell can wear his hair any which way he likes. 

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