Happy Returns: Oswalt Coming Back Tomorrow

Perhaps lost in the euphoria of Sunday night’s bin Laden killing, is the fact that thousands of Americans in the deep South are still picking up the pieces from last week’s tornados, the most lethal natural disaster we’ve had since Katrina destroyed New Orleans. Phillies star Roy Oswalt was one of the people affected by the storms, and you know by now that he left the team last week to go help his family down in Mississippi in the wake of the catastrophe. Now,

the American Chronicle is reporting

that Oswalt will be back with the team by tomorrow.

Roy Oswalt is scheduled to return to the Philadelphia Phillies on Thursday and could start Saturday.

That would be May 7th against the Braves, a stretch of ten days between starts for Oswalt.

In case you didn’t know, Oswalt had his childhood home destroyed last year by similar storms, and the exact details of how Oswalt’s family was impacted by the tornadoes this time around is still a bit unclear. Oswalt will probably explain some of it when he comes back on Thursday. But given Oswalt’s work ethic and reputation for professionalism, you’d have to assume that the man had a very, very good reason to leave the team for 10 days and that if the pitcher had decided to take double the amount of time off to help his loved ones, it probably would have been justified.

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