Giants and Bryce Harper Have Reportedly Discussed a 10-Year Deal

Is the Bryce Harper possibility slipping out of the Phillies' grasp?

The San Francisco Giants met with Harper's camp on Tuesday night in Las Vegas, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

The more interesting development is that the sides have discussed a 10-year deal, per NBC Sports Bay Area.

Since the Giants emerged in the Harper sweepstakes in early February, they were believed to only be interested in a short-term deal. That no longer appears to be the case, which would significantly boost their chances of landing the 26-year-old superstar outfielder.

The Giants' seemingly newfound desire to offer Harper a long-term deal probably has to do with the Dodgers entering the fold in a competitive way recently. There are few rivalries in pro sports as fierce as Dodgers-Giants, even when one of the teams isn't a true contender. Either way, it's not good news for the Phillies.

There is reason to believe Harper would prefer one of the California teams to Philadelphia. Spring training would be four times closer. The regular season would be a lot closer. And he has a well-publicized affinity for both the Bay Area and L.A.

This thing could be over in a few days. Maybe it's with the Phillies, maybe it's not. If Harper goes elsewhere, he will face a J.D. Drew-like reception every time he comes into town the rest of his career.

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