Get Your Eagle On: Fashion intern, Alyssa D'Egidio, cheered for the Philadelphia Eagles during the 06' and 07' season. She will be providing tips for contestants on how to nail this year's audition.

With try-outs for the 2009 Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders under one week away contestants will want to have their audition attire arranged. Physical fitness and beauty are two components that are vital for passage to the second and third round of auditions, but if contestants want to heighten their chances of getting through the open call, the perfect outfit always helps.

Generally, contestants should wear an ensemble that resembles the style of the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader uniforms. That doesn’t mean audition outfits should be white and green, but should be a sports bra-like top and short shorts.

Ideas to spice up your get-up are endless. Tops can be jeweled, cool belts can be added to bottoms and many contestants like to show their Eagles spirit by adding various Eagles logos. All of these ideas are stylish and will make a contestant stand out amongst the other hopefuls.

When I was auditioning I found it difficult to find stores that had a lot of options. One good thing about the audition process is that contestants can share tips on where to get stylish garments. I’ve had helpful advice on where to shop, and would like to pass on some of those tips to make the shopping process easier.

· Black “booty shorts” will slim the waistline and can be worn with any color top.
· The Eagles Cheerleaders wear nude stocking when they perform because it hides flaws on legs and evens out skin tones.
· Contestants who have dance sneakers should wear those rather than regular sneakers. Capezio Dance Apparel has jazz dance sneakers in either black or white for around $50. They are good to have for rehearsals too.
· Girls who don’t have dance sneakers should wear regular sneakers that are all one color and are easy to dance in. Black Puma sneakers are a good option.
· The only jewelry a contestant should wear is fake diamond earrings. Any size is okay but the bigger style is better. Many accessory stores carry these including Claire’s and Icing. Other stores that will have them are Sears, Khols, J.C. Penny and Macy’s.
· Buy tops a size bigger then it actually fits. This allows room to add a bra that will add a little cleavage and make your stomach look slimmer. To give your breasts a store bought boost, purchase enhancers from Victoria’s Secret. 

With those tips in mind, here are some useful links to purchase items for the auditions:

· Victoria’s Secret (shorts)
· Victoria’s Secret (tops)
· Victoria’s Secret (enhancers)
· Dance Sneakers
· Cheap Hosiery
· Diamond Earrings
· Puma Sneakers

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