Game 5 Play-by-Play Log

Game 5 Updates
Score: Phillies 2        Tampa 2
Inning: Bottom of 6th

Game 5 suspended appx. 11:20p


10:39 Longoria hits one to CF. Caught by Victorino.  OUT #3
10:34 Pena gets a base hit. UPTON SCORES.  TAMPA 2
10:34 UPTON steals second. Fourth stolen base by him in the series.
10:29 BJ Upton grounds to Rollins, who can't hold the slippery ball.  Upton on base.
10:28 Crawford pop flies to Howard. OUT #2
10:27 [[Top of 6]] Iwamura OUT #1

Phillies groundskeeper said there was a 10th of an inch of water on the field during the 5th inning, but that the field could hold that, all night long.  Ground crews took some time working the field.

10:18 Ruiz pops up to Pena.  OUT #3
10:15 Pedro Feliz flies out to Pena. OUT #2
10:04 Victorino up to relief pitcher Balfour. Pops to Crawford. OUT #1
10:02 Burrell walks.  Kazmir, with more than 100 pitches, comes out of the game.
10:00 [[Bottom of Fifth]] Howard walks. Kazmir's 5th walk.

Bottom of the 5th and the weather worsens.  The rain is really coming down.  Rollins missed a pop fly at the top of the 5th fighting the wind.

9:55 Strike out by Kazmir.  OUT #3
9:54 Bartlett grounds to second. UTLEY snags, tags Bardelli and throws to first to GREAT DOUBLE PLAY.
9:53 [[Top of Fifth]] Bardelli pop flies. Rollins fights the win and misses.  Bardelli on first.

9:47 Chase Utley.  singles to second. OUT #3
9:41 Werth walks. On base for the third time tonight.  BASES LOADED.
9:38 Rollins walks. Two men on w/2 outs.
9:37 ** HAMELS ** pitching fingers hit by the ball when he tries to bunt.  He ends up with a single, but Ruiz is thrown out at second.  OUT #2
9:36 Ruiz singles.
9:34 [[Bottom of the 4th; rain's getting worse]]  Strike out for Pedro Feliz. OUT #1

9:29 Navarro grounds to 3rd for a Phillies double play.
9:28 Evan Longoria gets his first hit of the series, grounds into center, scores Pena. TAMPA 1
9:26 Carlos Pena gets his first hit of the series, off the wall against Jayson Worth for a double.
9:24 Upton 6-4  OUT #1

9:21 Shane Victorino strikes out.  OUT #3
9:20 Burrell pop to RH. OUT #2
9:18 Ryan Howard strikes out. OUT #1

9:16 Crawford grounds out to second for OUT #3
9:15 Iwamura, the leadoff batter is up with 2 outs, singles with a grounder.
9:14 Kazmir ko's giving Hamels his first strike out of the game.  OUT #2
9:12 Bartlett grounds to Rollins. 6-3 for OUT #1

9:08 Utley pop fly to Longoria.  OUT #3
9:04 Jayson Werth singles with a hit between 3rd and SS
9:04 Rollins still looking for his first hit of the world series. Flies to RF.  OUT #2
9:02 Bottom of the second. Hamels strikes out.  OUT #1

8:59 Baldelli pop flies to Utley.  OUT #3
8:57 Tampa Bay's Navarro up to bat.  Walks
Longoria OUT #2
Pena OUT #1

8:51 Carlos Ruiz flies out.  OUT #3
8:50 Pedro Feliz singles. BASE HIT to left. Bases loaded again.
8:47 Victorino LINE DRIVES to RF. Werth/Utley score.  PHILLIES 2
8:44 Burrell, hitless in the post-season, WALKS.  Bases loaded.
8:42 Red-hot Howard up to bat.  Strikes out. OUT #2
8:41 Utley gets hit. Takes first.  Two men on base.
8:39 Werth gets on first. Walk.
8:36 Rollins faces Kazmir on the mound.  Rollins flies out to LF.  OUT #1

8:32 BJ Upton grounds to Rollins.  6-3. OUT #3
8:31 Carl Crawford hits the first pitch. Grounds to Rollins. Close at 1st. Howard digs it out. OUT #2
8:31 Iwamura flies to left. Caught by Burrell.  OUT #1
8:30 - First pitch by Hamels to Akinori Iwamura

8:13p - John Oates sings the National Anthem

8:13p - John Oates sings the National Anthem

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