Game 5 Debacle?

Phils Phans Sound Off on Game Suspension

Phillies phans have been sounding off to about Major League Baseball's handling of Game 5 of the World Series.

User sportsfan expressed a thought some Philly fans have been wondering: "How convenient that the commissioner waited until the Rays tied the game to call a delay especially since the game was legal at the end of the fifth."

"I say they should put a bucket of water at the mound and make the Rays pitcher stick his hand and ball in the bucket for the bottom of the sixth inning, because that's basically how Cole Hamels pitched the top of the 6th inning." said Tim.

Chris shined a positive approach to the delay, "It is what it is...Have faith everything will be alright. We will be celebrating Wednesday night when the Phils win. God bless the Phillies and Fans."

Shannon shares in the optimism, "I'm not worried at all. This just gives us another night of rest... we come out all fired up!"

Not everyone is as positive -- but it seems that most fans still see the Phillies winning the World Series.

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