Act 2, Game 5: What You Need to Know

The Phillies will finish their game with the Rays and hopefully finish them off

The Phillies and Rays could make World Series History tonight, as they finish Game 5 of the Fall Classic.

The game was suspended Monday night in the sixth inning after the field became a muddy mess.  The game was again postponed Tuesday as the storm sat over Philadelphia.

But, it seems ticket holders for Game 5 will get to witness history Wednesday. 

The game time weather snapshot from NBC 10 Meteorologist Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz:

  • Temp:   38 degrees
  • Winds:  Up to 25mph coming in from the left side of the field to the right corner, same as Monday night 
  • Rain:     Gone by game time

And the bottom line from "Hurricane"?  Game 5 might as well be played on Wednesday.

So, to get back in the park, here's what you need to know: 

  • If you lost your ticket or it got ruined in the rain, the Phillies ticket office may be able help you out if  you paid with a credit card. 
  • If you saved your parking receipt or tag from Monday night, you won't have to pay for parking Wednesday.  If you don't have the proof, you'll have to pay for parking again.

The sixth inning resumes at 8:27 p.m.

Plus, if have a Game 5 ticket and want total sports overload, you can see the Sixers start their season at the Wachovia Center for half price Wednesday.  The Sixers bumped up their start time to 6 p.m.

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