Cowboys O-Line Scores Record Deal

The metal band featuring three Cowboys' offensive linemen has signed with Riot Entertainment.

Free Reign, the metal quartet comprised of three Dallas Cowboys big uglies and local guitarist Justin Chapman, has been making quite a name for themselves locally this summer, with two successful gigs at the House of Blues.
Now, they will have the backing of a record label, adding some proverbial weight behind the prodigious physical weight of the band, which is dubbed, “heavier than metal.”
Free Reign features Marc Colombo on rhythm guitar and lead vocals, Leonard “Bigg” Davis on bass and Cory Procter on drums. Lead guitarist Justin Chapman is an old friend of Davis.
The band recently signed a deal with Riot, an entertainment company out of Australia, with their debut EP set for release this fall—around the time ¾ of the band will be crushing defenders as opposed to thrashing instruments.
“This is an amazing opportunity for Riot and to further establish our name internationally,” said owner and CEO John Howarth.
Riot is also the home of Fozzy, a metal band headed by WWE superstar Chris Jericho.
“I would love to see a double bill with these bands, imagine that! No security needed!” said Howarth. “I know that would be one hell of a gig. Imagine WWE, NFL, Fozzy and Free Reign fans all under the one roof; only the strong would survive!”
Free Reign will hold their last gig before football season on Saturday June 27, at House of Blues in Dallas.

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