Pat Gillick Inducted to Hall of Fame

Gillick is the first manager in nearly 40-years to be inducted to the Hall of Fame.

Pat Gillick may not be remembered for his brief Triple-A baseball playing days with the Pittsburgh Pirates. But on Sunday, the man who led two teams to three World Series championships as a general manager was inducted into Major Leage Baseball’s Hall of Fame.

More than 17,000 people attended Sunday's induction ceremony, which featured Phillies former GM Gillick, the man who led the Phillies to a 2008 World Series title, plus, former Blue Jay's second baseman Roberto Alomar, and 1980's pitcher Bert Blyleven.

During his speech, Gillick said he knew he had to find another way to stay in the game after five years in the minor leagues.

"It was pretty clear my arm wasn't going to get me to the majors," Gillick said. "Then I guess luck took over."

That luck led him to the front offices of four major league teams, winning 1992 and 1993 titles with Toronto and a 2008 title with Philly. His teams posted winning records in 20 of his 27 seasons as a general manager, and advanced to the postseason 11 times.

Gillick, who is the first manager to be inducted into hall in 40 years, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer, was the only man elected by the Hall’s Veteran’s committee in December.

On Sunday, Gillick fondly recalled the time he spent as the Phils' General Manager.

"It has been an incredible pathstone in my career. Philadelphia loves it's teams, and being able to win a World Seriees for the city fans, players, and the Phillies organization, meant so much to our family. I'll never forget the look on Jamie Moyer's face when we won the World Series in 2008. Twenty-two-years in the making, and finally, he had his ring,” he said.

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