Forget Opening Day — Trash Talk Starts Now

Phillies fans took the advice of and other outlets and bought up pre-sale tickets to see the Phils play their rivals, the Mets, in New York. 

Quickly the story became less about the tickets and more about the smack.

The games might not be until May, but the trash talking started almost immediately after the article "Your Chance to Invade N.Y. to Boo the Mets, Cheer the Phils" was posted.

Click here to see all the smack talk (Warning: some some comments aren't PG-rated).
Here are some of our favorite back-and-forth comments that are helping stir this rivalry up even though opening day is still three weeks away.

Heck, even our little-brother site, NBC New York, got into the act.

"Heather" started up the smack talk soon after the original article was posted on Tuesday.

"Please, stay in Philly! I doubt you could afford the prices at Citi Field anyway," she wrote.

Heather has a point. Citi Field is shaping up to be an expensive place to see baseball but with the Mets offering tickets for a little as $11 a pop Phils fans didn't heed her advice.

User "Me" added fuel to the hating fire. "Philadelphians can't afford good seats at Citi Field. If they could, they would have moved to a better city by now," Me wrote.

"Bill" responded in true Philly fashion.

"Wow, what a bunch of haters!! It is amazing what an $80 BILLION buyout will do for ticket prices!!!!!!! Hey New York, choke on this!!!!!! World Series Champions 2008!!!!!!!!!!!," Bill wrote.

Mets fan "David" must not know the distance between Philly and Queens.

"You Philadelphians are pathetic. We'll see how brave you are when you get your teeth knocked in at Citi Field. We New Yorkers have a short ride home; you Filthadelphians have a two and a half hour drive," he wrote.

The drive from Citizens Bank Park to Citi Field is only just over two hours. David must not use Mapquest before posting his smack.

Phils fan "John" summed up how many Phillies fans are feeling about Mets fans opening their mouths.

"To all the N.Y. posts... remind me again please who won the NL East the past two years and who won the World F-ing Series in 2008? That's right...PHILLIES!" he wrote.

User "" really summed up why the Mets fans don't have the right to fight right now. "WORLD F'N CHAMPS. There is nothing you can do or say about. BTW, the METS will always be the ugly little brother of the Yankees. How have the last two Septembers been for the Mets?????"


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