Teen Football Players Get the Boot for Going to Phils Parade

10 players kicked off Hatboro-Horsham football team

The steep cost for Hatboro-Horsham football players skipping school to attend the Phillies World Series Parade? Getting kicked off the team.

Head Coach Tom Butts warned his Hatboro-Horsham football players to not skip school for the Phillies World Series Parade -- not everyone listened.

Ten student athletes played hooky last Friday to go to the parade and now have been kicked off the Hatters football team.

Part of the problem is that since the students didn't attend school they couldn't play in the Hatters game last Friday against Central Bucks West. The shorthanded Hatboro-Horsham team went on to lose the game 33-31.

The Hatters were told to honor a commitment to the team by not playing hooky to attend the parade, Coach Butts told the Philly Inquirer. Coach Butts added that he was "disappointed" in the decisions of the nine students who choose to go to the parade.

The move to boot the players off the team for supporting the Phightin Phils has raised some eyebrows in the community. Some question whether the decision is fair.

The Hatters have struggled this season to a 4-6 record. The dismissed players won't be on the team for their final two games.

None of the dismissed players are seniors and all will be allowed to try out for the team next season.

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