Football Picking Camel Doesn't Like the Birds

Bad News -- the Eagles are going to lose to the Giants -- if you believe that a camel can predict a football game.

Princess, the football-predicting camel, has been picking games for three seasons and has really come into her own this season picking NFL games. She was 14 and 3 during the regular season (click here to see her picks) and correctly picked the Eagles to beat the Vikings in the Wild Card round.

(Picking winners at a rate better than 80 percent -- let's take this camel to Vegas!)

The camel makes her picks from her home at the Popcorn Park Refuge/Zoo in Lacey Township, N.J.

What's her method?

She gets a little help from her friend thanks to her love of graham crackers.

Popcorn Park General Manager John Bergmann writes the names of two teams playing that week on his hands -- on team per hand.

Bergmann then approaches Princess with her favorite graham cracker snack in each hand. The hand that the camel eats from first is the team she picks to win.

This week Princess went right for the G-Men so it seems that the Birds may be cooked.

But, don't fret if you bleed Eagles green -- there is a glimmer of hope.

One of the three times Princess was wrong was earlier this season when she picked the Giants to beat to Eagles in the Meadowlands. Let's hope for a repeat performance.

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