Steve Mason Goes Dark With His Stadium Series Mask to Match Black Uniforms

You may or may not see Flyers goalie Steve Mason play in the Stadium Series game against the Pittsburgh Penguins on Feb. 25.

And that's not just because his all-black-everything look will have him blending in with the night sky (because Michal Neuvirth could play, duh).

We showed you Mase's blacked-out gear earlier in the week.

Now he's got a blacked-out mask to match.

Franny Drummond, who does plenty of hockey painting work for the Flyers over the years, shared an image of the mask Mason will have for the big outdoor contest. It's clean.

Personally, I'm a fan of the cleaner look. Often times goalie masks are too busy, getting into the Jersey-shore-airbrushed-T-shirt zone. So I'm a fan of this look.

It's not too late to see Mase's gear for the Stadium Series up close. You can still enter to win tickets to the game in Pittsburgh right here.

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