Jake Voracek Calls Out Dumb Fan With 16 Twitter Followers

It's tough to say that any Flyer not named Michal Neuvirth had a good series against the Washington Capitals. The Flyers offense was nowhere to be found all series long. Jake Voracek and Claude Giroux certainly played a part in that.

But this is sports, Claude and Jake had a nice season that fell short in the playoffs, we'll wish them well and hope they're back at it even stronger next season, right?

Of course not.

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That's true for 99.99% of fans. There is always that .01% on Twitter who decides to call out players.

Enter the haters:

The funny thing is, Jake actually responded.

And it kept going. With insults about Jake's hair and beard.

Jake went in one last time:

When we first clicked on the profile of one Jimmy Cif last night he had 16 Twitter followers. He now has 18 as of this morning.

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