Flyers Mailbag: Will Ron Hextall Trade Up in NHL Draft?

In our latest Flyers Mailbag, we answer a question about the possibility of the team moving up in the 2016 NHL draft via trade.
Q. There have been rumors that the Oilers are fielding calls regarding the No. 4 pick. Do you think [Ron] Hextall would try to package a few picks and/or players to try and move up?

- Colin Brophy
A. Knowing Hextall, I just don’t see it.
The Flyers’ general manager is as prudent and meticulous as they come. He won’t make a trade unless it’s perfect.
The Flyers pick at No. 18 in the first round of the 2016 draft. In order to climb the ladder into the top five, you would have to give up a hefty sum, whether it be current players or future draft picks, the latter of which Hextall values like gold.
That was clear when at the regular-season finale, he discussed the team’s quiet trade deadline.
“There was no way we were giving up a draft pick at the deadline, even if it was a seventh-round pick, it just wasn’t happening,” he said. “We set the course and we’re staying on course.”
The course being the team’s rebuild.
The Flyers will get a nice player with the 18th pick and Hextall won’t mortgage the future or change course. It’s an interesting proposition given the Flyers’ construction could be expedited by acquiring a higher pick, but that’s not Hextall’s M.O.
He’s patient and will continue that.

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