Ed Snider Once Kicked Donald Trump Out of His Suite for Talking

There were dozens of heartfelt stories told at the Wells Fargo Center on Thursday afternoon as friends and family celebrated the life of Ed Snider.

But there was one anecdote about the Founder of the Philadelphia Flyers that stood out as rather hilarious for multiple reasons. 

It was told by Drew Katz, the son of Mr. Snider's best friend Lewis Katz, who says he looked at Mr. Snider as a second father.

The story involved Ed Snider kicking Donald Trump out of his suite because he was talking too much during a hockey playoff game.

"It had nothing to do with his political views. I don't even think his political views were formed yet," Katz said. "It had to do with the fact that 'The Donald' wouldn't stop talking to Ed during the game."

"There's nothing that comes between Ed Snider and his hockey."

What more needs to be said? Mr. Snider is a legend.

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