‘The Goldbergs' Dedicates Flyers Episode to Ed Snider

There's no denying that ABC's show "The Goldbergs" connects with its Philadelphia sports roots. 

We've written in the past about the show creators attempting to get a storyline about fans throwing batteries at Veterans Stadium into an episode, only to have it nixed by MLB.

Now there is an entire episode revolving around a Flyers' storyline, only it doesn't involve throwing anything. At least we don't think. The glow bracelet incident is too recent, right?

Turns out, the Flyers-centric episode which is set to air May 11 is dedicated to the recently deceased Flyers' founder and chairman Ed Snider.

"The episode dedicated to Snider, which is titled 'Big Orange,' will debut May 11 at 8:30 p.m. ET," according to NHL.com. "In the show, middle son Barry has his favorite orange Flyers T-shirt stolen by his mother and girlfriend. Barry enlists his older sister Erica and younger brother Adam to help him investigate."

We're going to assume that the mother and girlfriend who steal things are also Flyers fans.


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Here's some footage of them attempting to recreate the Vet in an old episode. 

And here they are at a Flyers game in an older episode.

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