Winter Classic Rink Begins to Take Shape

Check out live video as CBP is transformed into the home of the Flyers

With the Winter Classic just two weeks away the ice rink began to take shape Monday as the NHL rolled in their Winter Classic truck and the live camera of rink installation at Citizens Bank Park began to stream on

Though the live steam just started, the work on CBP was going on for weeks including seats being installed over the bullpen in center field and some paneling being placed over much of the baseball diamond.

But Monday was when the heavy lifting began, according to

NHL Facilities Operations Manager Dan Craig and his crew are on-hand for the arrival of the custom-built 53-foot truck, which contains everything needed to create the rink that will play host to the Philadelphia Flyers and New York Rangers on Jan. 2, 2012.

The long days and nights actually started Nov. 21, when the first pieces of armor decking were laid down to protect the field, and temporary seating already has been erected in center field (follow the progress here). Next comes the installation of everything needed to build a hockey rink in a baseball stadium.

In other words, the fun starts now.

But as the hockey fun began, it was baseball as usual for some Phillies as Jimmy Rollins held a press conference to talk about his new contract and Phillies ace Roy Halladay even apparently got in a workout -- in shorts nonetheless! -- on the parts of the field not being used for hockey (per The 700 Level).

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