Flyers & Sixers Playoff Push: Who Will Go Further?

It appears that Philly fans will have the post season to look forward to in both hockey and basketball.

Both the Flyers and Sixers have won three games in a row by playing well at the right time.
Out of the two winter teams, the Flyers seem to get the most attention from fans. Many people have higher expectations for the Flyers making a long playoff run than the Sixers. They have not drawn well at their home games and fans don’t seem hopeful that they'll do well during the post season.
But, if they can move into the fifth seed and face the Atlanta Hawks (who they have matched up with well this season), there is a good chance the Sixers could advance into the second round. After all, the Sixers are only a half game behind the Miami Heat for the fifth seed.
If they don’t get into that fifth seed, that would mean they would play either Boston or Orlando. The likelihood of beating either of those teams is slim to none.
The Flyers are trying to rap up the fourth seed in the conference, but if that happens, they could face their division rival, the Pittsburgh Penguins, who have won four out of six meetings against the fly guys this season. A series with the Flyers and Penguins could last seven games and may even result in an early exit for our beloved team.

Of course, if things end as they stand today, the Flyers would play the Carolina Hurricanes who they have handled successfully this season. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the Hurricanes fall into that fifth seed when everything is said and done-the Flyers should have no problems defeating them.
To break everything down, the Flyers are good enough to make it to the Stanley cup finals, but with a conference this strong, they could also be eliminated in the opening round. The Sixers seem to only have a chance to advance into the second round if they can get that fifth seed and play the Hawks, otherwise, playing the Celtics or Magic would mean an opening round exit…again.
What team do you think will advance further in the playoffs? Will both teams lose in the opening round? Does either team have a chance to bring Philadelphia home a second championship in two years?
The jury’s still out. 

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