Flesh For Fantasy: Jason Avant is Still Worthless

We're gonna cover fantasy football all season long here at Bird's Nest by answering five questions every week about various fantasy-related topics. FLESH FOR FANTASYYYYYY. Let's roll.

1. So is BenJarvus Green-Ellis the lead back for the Patriots now? That's the folly of drafting a running back on a Bill Belichick team. Belichick doesn't care about his running backs at all, and that's why you have Stevan Ridley and BJGE trading the spotlight from week to week. Watch Danny Woodhead get his next week. You're never going to get consistent production out of a New England running back. It's one of those brutally unreliable fantasy positions, like Saints wideout, or Browns QB, or anything related to the Dolphins. Trade BJGE (I prefer calling him the power company to the law firm) high if you can.

2. Someone else has Victor Cruz in my league and that's NOT FAIR. No, no it's not. Take it from someone who picked up the likes of Early Doucet off the waiver wire hoping he'd get Victor Cruz-like production, only to see his hopes rot out on a desert boulder. It's always the guy you DON'T pick up who turns into a stud, and who on Earth saw Victor Cruz coming? He was an undrafted free agent out of freakin' UMass, for crying out loud. I thought UMass closed up when John Calipari left, but no! It's still an actual school. And it's not just that Cruz has made big plays every week, it's that he's made RIDICULOUS plays every week, making one-handed grabs and catching balls with his tongue and all kinds of crazy stuff. He's helping turn Eli into a fantasy stud! It's amazing. I wouldn't count on Cruz falling off, the way James Jones almost certainly will next week.

3. Is Jason Avant worth picking up? NOPE.

4. Has any kicker ever had a better fantasy day than Seabass did on Sunday? Technically, yes. Rob Bironas once kicked seven field goals in a single game, one of which was a 50-plus yarder, and another a 40-plus yarder, giving him 24 points in standard scoring leagues. That beats Seabass nailing three 50-plus yarders in one game. But oh man, when your kicker hits a 50 yarder... Doesn't that feel great? It's like someone awarded you two points for doing nothing. Actually, you get awarded points for doing nothing every time you play fantasy football. That's the point. BUT I DIGRESS. Every kicker should kick three 50 yarders a game for fantasy owners. It just feels right.

5. I benched Big Ben this week, then he threw 5 TDs. He's probably not going to do that again, is he? Nope. Big Ben's annoying like that.

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