Flesh for Fantasy: Award Time

We're going to cover fantasy football all season long here at Birds Nest by answering five questions every week about various fantasy-related topics. FLESH FOR FANTASYYYYYY. Let's roll.

We're nearing the end of the fantasy football regular season, so I thought I'd forgo the phony FAQ this week in favor of doling out some year-end awards. It'll be like Matthew Berry's fantasy awards, only without the creepy stories of him hitting on women.

1. Stud of the Year: Aaron Rodgers. If you don't make your league's playoffs with the Packers QB on your roster, I don't want to know what horrible amalgam of skill position players you needed to deploy to prevent that from occurring. Even if J.J. Arrington was your running back, you should have been able to make the playoffs with Rodgers as your QB.

The man is a remorseless killing machine. He has at least two TDs in every game. He has 39 total TDs with a quarter of the season left to go. And now it appears that the Pack are going to shoot for 16-0 -- darn the consequences. He's a historic stud, much like '07 Tom Brady was. There's no escape against him. I beat a team that had Rodgers at QB a week ago and felt like I had gotten away with a bank heist. He's having arguably the best season a QB has ever had -- and that makes him a fantasy God.

2. Surprise of the Year: Cam Newton According to Fantasy Football Calculator, Newton was drafted on average with the 167th pick in all fantasy drafts. If you drafted him, you got the second-leading scorer in all of fantasy and a man who just broke the record for rushing TDs by a quarterback. I bet you're pretty proud of yourself, ain't ya? I bet you think you were pretty shrewd to draft Cam when everyone else doubted him, eh? WELL TAKE YOUR SMUGNESS AND LEAVE MY ROOM, BUCKO.

3. Waiver Wire Pickup of the Year: Victor Cruz. The Giants wideout is the third-leading scorer among WRs this season and chances are you never heard of him until sometime after Week 3 when he scored twice against the Eagles. Since then, Cruz has been an absolute stud. He's like the inverse of Frisman Jackson.

4. Sleeper Pick That Actually Turned Out Well: Saints TE Jimmy Graham. Sleeper picks almost NEVER turn out well, but here's a played everyone loved at draft time actually paying off. I swear this only happens once every 10 years.

5. James Jones Award for Receiving Inconsistency: James Jones! One catch in five separate games this season for the Packers wideout. I hate him.

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