The Official End of the Tecmo Super Bowl Era

Jeff Feagles, the last NFLer featured in Tecmo Super Bowl, hangs up his cleats

Former Eagle/Giant Jeff Feagles called it a career Friday after 22 years of punting balls in the NFL.

The two-time Pro Bowler holds most of the NFL’s punting records and never missed a game pooching in 352 straight regular season games for the Eagles, Giants, Seahawks and Patriots.

But his accomplishments on the field aren’t why many men in their late 20s, 30s and even early 40s shed a tear. They won't remember the 44-year-old punter as much for his longevity but rather for how that longevity related to his appearance in an all-time great video game.

Feagles was the last remaining player featured in Tecmo Super Bowl -- the cult classic Nintendo game that was one of the first video games to feature both real players, real teams, real stats and real schedules when it was released in 1991.

Basically TSB was the precursor to the Madden revolution.

Even though hardcore TSBers never use the punter -- why would they when they can chuck a pass 95 yards (in the air) -- Feagles was the last remaining link to the non-realistic 8-bit fun of Tecmo.

Feagles signed a contract earlier this month to play another season with the G-Men, but he changed his mind in the past week or so after experiencing some physical problems while getting ready for next season.

"I just got out of bed and the good Lord told me and sent me a sign that day and said: 'You know what? You're done! You're finished!" Feagles said. "I just didn't feel good. My back was hurting. My knee was starting to swell up again and I said to myself I can't do this anymore."

At least in Tecmo Feagles will always be young.

With Feagles putting the punting leg on ice, Tecmo Super Bowlers from coast to coast are now playing a completely obsolete game. Tecmo greats like Joe Montana, John Elway, Warren Moon, Bo Jackson, Barry Sanders, Andre Rison and Mike Singletary hung up their cleats a long time ago but Feagles was still kicking.

No more.

It was a close call though for Feagles as TSBers Junior Seau and John Carney both played last season but Feagles was the only one signed for next season.

So here is a look back at the great Feagles, who many casual football fans might have thought was a joke name considering he played for the Eagles in TSB.

Feagles’ TSB teammates included Hall of Famer Reggie White, deceased stars like Jerome Brown and Andre Waters and even current sportscasters like Mike Golic and Eric Allen.

Feagles played for so long that NBCPhiladelphia’s own Vai Sikahema even played with him in early 90s.

So, here’s to you Mr. Feagles -- thanks for letting all us aging, balding, graying men have that one last link to one the fondest games of our youth for as long as possible.

You will be missed.

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