Could Favre Backup Vick?

There might be no football as the NFL lockout lingers on.

No free agent chatter.

No rookie first looks at OTAs.

No roster breakdowns.

No Lehigh!

But at least one thing feels like business as usual this off-season.

Brett Favre comeback chatter.

Favre has basically made a second career of keeping fans, teams and maybe even himself guessing if he will play again for the past few off-seasons.

First he came back to join the Jets.

Then he returned to lead the Vikings within a Favre interception (another commonality with No. 4) of the Super Bowl.

Then he came back again for an underwhelming second act with Minnesota.

This off-season is no different as yet again there is chatter that Favre -- despite being on the verge of turning 42 during the season -- could be lured out of retirement once again.

“I do think Favre would be interested in talking to a team about returning,”’s Gil Brandt said Tuesday. “But I don't see a team out there right now that would bring him back as a starter.”

Well Gil, what about the Eagles?

Every sign points to the Birds shipping away backup QB Kevin Kolb basically the moment the lockout is lifted. I can’t see Andy Reid feeling comfortable using second-year QB Mike Kafka as his No. 2 so the Eagles will likely look to the free agent market for a warm body to backup Michael Vick.

The Birds at least gaging Favre’s interest in playing second fiddle isn’t as crazy as it might sound.

Reid coached Favre when Big Red was the Packers QB coach in the 1990s.

Favre could be willing to take a backup role after an injury-plagued 2010 season that cost him his record consecutive games streak.

If Favre would take a pay cut (a BIG IF considering he was basically a paid mercenary making about a million dollars a game for the Vikes) he could easily slide into the Eagles system and use his experience to help the young receiving corps.

And Vick has only once in eight seasons played a full 16-game season. The Eagles need someone behind him who could come in a keep a talented offense above water.

Finally I could see Favre wanting to erase the images of him concussed on the sidelines (or other alleged images that surfaced) as the final mark he left on a Hall of Fame career.

Will Favre wear Eagles green? I doubt it but it sure would be interesting if he did.

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