Weather Forecasts Good and Bad Things for Phillies

Apparently it's not always sunny in Philadelphia. There's rain in the forecast tomorrow and it has the potential to wreak a lot of havoc on the World Series. If Game 3 is rained out Saturday, baseball will cope by eliminating the off day on Tuesday and playing straight through to the original end date of Thursday October 30th.

The Phillies will have an interesting decision to make if that happens. Cole Hamels is by far their best starting pitcher and the only way to get him three starts in this series, then, would be to give him the ball on Sunday, whether it is Game 3 or Game 4. There hasn't been any indication about Philly's plans but they did have the luxury of waiting to see where the series stood before making a choice about pitching Hamels on short rest.

The bad news for the Phillies is that if they chose not to start Hamels in a postponed Game 3, they'd have to throw him in Game 4 and then lose him for the rest of the series. Game 7 would come on just two days rest, meaning no chance for the stellar lefty to be on the mound for the season's ultimate game.

If there is a rainout, I think the Phillies have to start Hamels in Game 3. It gives them a chance to steal back momentum in the series and avoids the possibility of starting Jamie Moyer in Game 7 against Matt Garza. Getting Hamels three starts negates the Rays' biggest advantage and gives the Phillies their best chance to win.

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