Wear Your Pads Around Jason Smith

One of beautiful oddities of summer league is the lack of a cap on personal fouls. Games seem to be called slightly less stringently than normal NBA games (and infinitely less stringent than games involving Dwyane Wade). These games are meant for teaching and evaluation, so there's no reason to saddle a 19-year-old with foul trouble and mess everything up.

Sometimes, this results in awesome. Like today, in the Las Vegas opener between Philadelphia and Golden State, in which sophomore Sixer forward Jason Smith tallied up 11 fouls in 29 minutes of play. If I'm Maurice Cheeks, I'm not even mad. That's just impressive.

Smith, unfortunately, might not get headlines outside of the blogdome. Anthony Randolph, however, will. The fella tossed in 30 points in his professional (sorta) debut, with 8 rebounds and efficient shooting. Lest we get too excited, forget not the Marco Belinelli Experience last summer, especially the part where the Italian's performance in Vegas caused Don Nelson to publicly name Belinelli as the frontrunner to what would become Monta Ellis' starting job.

Thaddeus Young and Marreese Speights also played well for Philadelphia, and Golden State's Brandan Wright wasn't bad.

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