Villanova Continues to Slide

Perhaps it isn't that big a surprise that Villanova has struggled in Big East play. When 'Nova Coach Jay Wright first collected the talent of Allan Ray, Randy Foye, Will Sheridan, Kyle Lowry and Mike Nardi; it took a couple years for the talent to translate on the court. This group with Scottie Reynolds, Malcolm Grant, Corey Stokes and Corey Fisher and Antonio Pena is not quite as talented. They are also very young. Reynolds is the only sophomore in the group. Plenty of talent but little experience to help them. Even today, experience still plays a big role.

The Wildcats lost their 3d straight Big East game to Pitt, 69-57 to fall to 3-5 in the Big East. Considering Villanova has games remaining against UConn, Marquette, Georgetown and Louisville they will be hard pressed to finish even 9-9 in the Big East this season.

Pitt got balanced scoring as six players scored 8 or more points and shared the ball well. 75% of Pitt's baskets were accompanied by an assist. Villanova was Scottie Reynolds with 26 points, and then the random basket from the rest of the Wildcats who shot 29%.

Pitt also needed this game. They had lost 2 of 3 and had never lost two consecutive home games since they began playing at the Pete. Advantage to the home team, and Pitt gets to 5-3 in the Big East.

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