The Phillies Don't Like Bud Selig Either

Hey, what do you know, it turns out it isn't just bloggers, the media, and the fans who can't stand commissioner Bud Selig. Apparently the players do too. Just like the rest of us watching the game at home last night, the players on the Phillies and Rays had no idea what was going to happen either, and they all watched Selig's impromptu press conference as well.

Also, just like you were cursing Selig during the press conference, so were a couple members of the Phillies.

"That (expletive deleted) guy," one pitcher said as he saw commissioner Bud Selig before walking out the back door of the clubhouse. "I wouldn't let him supervise one of my (bowel movements). He has no clue. Not one (expletive deleted) clue."

"(Expletive deleted)," one position player said in the direction of one television pausing only for a moment before leaving. "He's a moron. How stupid can one person be?"

Can you imagine Bud supervising one of your bowel movements?

"No, no, no, that's all wrong! You're stressing too much, you just need to relax. Hey, you know, I just got an idea. That toilet of yours isn't very big. If you really want to maximize the amount of feces you can fit in there in one sitting, you're going to need to build a new toilet. The added fecal capacity will help you compete with larger market toilets. Let's just suspend this bowel movement until I deem your bathroom ready to handle it. I'm not letting a wonderful crap end like this."

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