Sixers Decide to Fill Their “Locker Room Vet” Position With Donyell Marshall

The Sixers landed their big name free agent in Elton Brand, resigned their "star" Andre Iguodala to more money than God, and made their smart signing with Louis Williams. Now they've capped off a very busy offseason with the veteran locker room guy signing, inking Donyell Marshall to a minimum salary contract.

Marshall, at 35, isn't going to be getting any significant playing time, just as he hasn't in his last several stops, including Chicago, Cleveland and Seattle. With OKC looking forward, they agreed to a buyout, which allowed Marshall to sign with the Sixers. While Marshall doesn't have much to provide a loaded Sixers squad on the floor, he is known to be the quintessential locker room leader, and provides experience and guidance for a notably young team.

To look at the Sixers up and down now that Ed Stefanski has completed the polishing of the roster, it's clear that it's been nothing but upgrades for Philadelphia. Stefanski has managed to add significant talent without taking on bad contracts in trades, hasn't gone for any unnecessary homeruns, and has resigned a very popular player that, despite a lot of misgivings, definitely gets it done in the boxscore. Let's go ahead and pencil in Stefanski for Executive of the Year next year. Sure it's early, but the Sixers have gone from the surprising plucky team to a legitimate force in the East under him. And he didn't even need Kevin McHale selling the farm for a couple of chickens to do it.

Anyway, here's hoping Marshall doesn't have anymore 'wardrobe malfunctions' in Philly.

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