Philly Riots: Phans Phreak for Early Phillies Parade Plans

When a regular city wins a championship, they celebrate. When Philadelphia wins one, they burn city down. Philly Riots chronicles a city finally pushed over the edge.

Google has this awesome laboratory thing (Trends) going on where they tell you what's hot and spicy in the internet world. Clocking in at number three today? "Phillies Parade." And number five? "Phillies World Series Parade."

That's right, the city of Philadelphia and its denizens of wonderful Philly fans are getting a touch premature with their celebration plans. It's kind of understandable, but only in the way in which the Chicago Cubs were talking about what it would be like to win a World Series this year ... before the postseason started.

See, Philadelphia is up 3-1 in the World Series. They have Cole Hamels heading to the mound with a chance to close out the Rays and bring home a title to a championship-starved town. But still, folks, you might want to simmer.

For instance, "I've Made a Huge Tiny Mistake," a Phillies blog, is doing the smart thing and asking all of you Philly Phans to STOP GOOGLING WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONSHIP PARADE PLANS.

But I doubt that will happen, so you might as well get some gratification for your intense work counting chickens before they've hatched. So here's what we can tell you: while no plans for an official parade have been announced, the city of Philadelphia is pretty much designed to have a parade up Broad Street. I'm guessing said parade would start down by the sports complex and trek all the way up to Center City, where the ceremonies will probably halt at City Hall for speeches, applause, more rioting, and other forms of pomp and circumstance. Again, this is just a guess, because nothing has been won yet.

I get that Hamels is essentially infallible (and gorgeous to boot), but that doesn't make jumping the gun and planning out a mid-week celebration with only a two game lead is by any means an intelligent decision. It's brash, it's arrogant, it's chock full of jinx material and, well, actually, it's exactly what I expect from Philly fans at this stage of the game. So, yeah, party on.

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