Philly Celebrates With Vandalism, Mob Thinking

When a regular city wins a championship, they celebrate. When Philadelphia wins one, they burn the city down. Philly Riots chronicles a city finally pushed over the edge.

Alternate title, if only the gag weren't overused: Phillies Phans Phlip Cars Phor Phun!

In the light of day, with the hangover subsiding and memories from before blacking out re-entering the consciousness, a lot of fans in Philly are realizing just how stupid they acted last night. Sadly, too many fans cross the line from "just plain dumb" to "just plain cruel." It's dumb to climb an extremely tall traffic sign; it's cruel to try maiming a guy climbing said sign by chucking a bottle of vodka at his face. Or, like the video above: it's dumb to jump on some stranger's car, but it's downright cruel to flip it completely over. (via WW & PWD)

Then again, who leaves their car on the street when everybody in the country was predicting a riot? As seen on LBS, fans would have been safer had they simply taken the subway:

Of course, what that video didn't show was that someone ended up lighting the train on fire, sending it hurtling through the darkness to its next stop like a comet of death.* Yay Phillies! Yay senseless violence and vandalism!

* This may or may not have happened but is within the realm of possibility.

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