Lenny Dykstra Sued by Group of Pilots for Failure to Pay

Lenny Dykstra

Of course, that hasn't allegedly stopped him from paying four pilots to fly his private jet.

"Allegedly" being the key word, because the only "proof" of this possible failure to pay is a lawsuit the gentlemen filed in Los Angeles Superior Court today.

According to a lawsuit filed today in Los Angeles Superior Court, Dykstra has yet to fork over the cash he promised to pay four pilots in exchange for flying his private plane. Dykstra had until January 12 to pay up, the lawsuit says, but thus far he hasn't.

Additionally, the group of pilots allege that Dykstra promised them a full four months of paid piloting, but never followed through. That last part is fairly interesting because it would probably cause this suit to fall under some sort of "Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices" clause (although I'm not sure what the exact Cali term would be) and skyjack the potential value of the lawsuit.

While I generally question a lot of stuff that Dykstra does (or has done), I'm also a little wary of situations like these; Nails, in all likelihood, has the cash to pay these guys -- why would he actually let this issue get to court if the whole thing was completely black and white? In other words, as reckless as Dykstra may seem, it's probably better to approach this thing with a little caution before making any judgments.

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