Lenny Dykstra Doesn't Pay Anybody, Hates Everybody

Former Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Lenny Dykstra has been in the headlines quite a bit ever since he retired from the game of baseball. Unfortunately for the man they call Nails, all that publicity he gets is generally of the negative variety. I mean, he did start his own magazine, but then that magazine ran into some trouble when Dykstra didn't pay his business partners.

Of course, Lenny's business partners aren't the only people he isn't paying apparently, as he's also been sued by pilots for not paying for a flight, or his accountants. Though why should you pay your accountants when you're not paying anybody? I mean, how much work can they be doing? Now Dykstra's name is mentioned in the April issue of GQ under a headline of "You Think Your Job Sucks? Try Working For Lenny Dykstra." Guess what Lenny didn't do.

The latest chapter in the saga of Phillies centerfielder-turned-Wall-Street-and-publishing-tycoon Lenny Dykstra is scheduled to be released on the Web site of GQ magazine this morning. According to sources close to Dykstra's foundering Players Club Magazine,Kevin Coughlin, a New York Post sports photo editor who moonlighted as photo editor of the monthly now on life support, has rolled a grenade into the Dude's litigation-littered life. Coughlin, who was fired in September, has written a piece for the April issue of GQ titled: "You Think Your Job Sucks? Try Working For Lenny Dykstra."

In excerpts that will be released by GQ today, Coughlin reportedly will accuse his former boss of racist, sexist and homophobic remarks during staff meetings and telephone conversations. The piece also reportedly will detail a laundry list of allegedly unethical business practices involving nonpayment of magazine staff and possibly illegal use of their credit cards to authorize flights on luxury charter jets for Dykstra.

That is class, ladies and gentleman.

When asked about the impending article all Dykstra had to say was that The Players Club was stronger than ever and that the feedback from players was "nothing short of sensational." Unfortunately the only player Dykstra asked was his former teammate Darren Daulton, and it's possible that his words were misconstrued from his space ship in the future.

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