Joe-Pa, Bobby Bowden Begin Literal Duel to the Death for NCAA All Time Career Wins

Joe Paterno and Nittany Lions cold slammed Coastal Carolina today, 66-10. Impressive, no? Of substantial more interest than beating up on UNCW's sister-in-law is the fact that JoePa is now tied with Bobby Bowden for most career wins all time by a college football coach/corpse.

What does this all mean for us, the college football fans? Well, for starters, Florida State doesn't play this week. That means that both coaches will keep walking into Saturday knowing they could not only lose a game, but lose a historical milestone.

Unfortunately for Joe, he has to coach in a conference that matters the Big Ten.

Unfortunately for Bobby, he's already one game down on 2008 (he gets it back later, obviously, but daggumit, he ain't winnin' now) and it might as well be two since I've got Wake Forest taking down the 'Noles, and clearly, my opinion is good enough to mark something down for an "L".

Florida State has three games -- Wake Forest, Florida and Virginia Tech -- that should be losses, although the third one depends on Frank Beamer being stubborn. The Seminoles have also been known to cough up a win or two to NC State in recent years, and Miami and Maryland won't be gimmes. I'd pencil them in for six or seven wins, although they could surprise, and I could be an idiot.

The Nittany Lions, already with a big freebie blowout under their belt, have what should be at minimum another seven coming, and that puts Paterno just ahead of Bowden heading into 2009, not counting potential bowl game outcomes.

The point of it all? This is going to happen every year until one of them gives up, or dies. My money's on Bowden simply outlasting Joe, or some sort of father-son mutiny situation unfolding.

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