How Did Mickelson Do On ‘Entourage'?

I know that Entourage has reached the comedy level of a sleeping dog, but one of the brighter spots of this season was getting to watch Phil Mickelson attempt to act, and not in a Crowne Plaza kind of way.

Last night, Lefty was the focal point in an episode based around Ari Gold screaming at an opponent on the golf course who employs Phil as his professional guide. Not to spoil it for those that plan to On Demand it, but the cheesy Phil smile went to a whole new level.

Mickelson is introduced by actor Paul Ben-Victor, playing movie executive Alan, and strolls up to Jeremy Piven with a line that would make his daughter's ears bleed. "Is this whose ass we're going to kick today?" Mickelson, NO!

As entertaining Entourage episodes go (and I understand that's like deciding on the best of nights you haven't had sex), watching Piven and company stroll around with Mickelson on the course was pretty amusing. Piven's putting stroke is one of the most vertical things I've ever seen, but it looks like he isn't a complete hack with the swing, so he has that going for him.

As for Mickelson, what he lacked in acting he made up in charisma. As much as we here dog on Lefty, he is fairly charismatic and showed a different side of himself. I was a little upset they didn't play on Phil's gambling prowess, however. If you're talking about gambling on a golf course, you can't ignore the man that once collected $560,000 on 28-1 odds the Ravens would win the Super Bowl.

Here's the trailer for the episode, which barely shows any of Lefty. You do, however, get to see his pretty blue shirt.

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