GQ Article Bashing Lenny Dykstra Is as Ugly as Promised

Former baseball star Lenny Dysktra recently started his own magazine, The Players' Club. Of course, Dykstra couldn't operate the magazine by himself, so he hired some people to help him. One of those people was photo editor Kevin Coughlin.

As far as I can infer from the article, Coughlin worked for roughly 75 days at TPC and, because he did not sign a confidentiality agreement when he joined the magazine, he wrote about his time with Dykstra for GQ in an article entitled, "You Think Your Job Sucks? Try Working for Lenny Dykstra."

And if you believe what Coughlin writes (because, remember, it is all still alleged, what with Dykstra denying it and everything) you will be absolutely freaking floored at the speed and efficiency with which Dykstra drove his publication into the ground.

There are several moments that are simply offensive -- Tom Fornelli touched on these when the article was previewed -- and an entire 10 pages worth of episodes that are absolutely shocking.

Not only did Dykstra allegedly refer to an openly gay employee as a "f*g" (to his face, no less), but the former MLB star supposedly stated that "nobody can call me a racist -- I put three darkies and a bitch on my first four covers" while on speakerphone with Coughlin and Coughlin's wife.

Additionally, Coughlin alleges that, at one point, Dykstra asked for Coughlin's credit card information in order to authorize two airplane flights, which cost $13,000 and $14,000 each. According to his story, Coughlin inexplicably allowed Dykstra to use the credit card information, only for Nails to attempt to use it again -- and without permission -- to book a flight from Montana to Atlanta. At the low cost of $22,937.

Dykstra was also supposedly fond of flatulence in the middle of company meetings, "joking" about his use of HGH (no laughing matter considering his appearance on the Mitchell Report), and rubbing $500 silk ties on his crotch ... all in the name of being humorous.

Long story short: if Coughlin's story is true, then Dykstra not only needs immediate training in what my mother likes to call "friendship skills," but he should also consider hiring someone to run his personal finances

Either that or wait until some genius devises a plan to put together a magazine that will assist former pro athletes in managing their money while also providing valuable lifestyle assistance information. Because there is no way in the world that that wouldn't be successful.

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