DeSean Jackson Owes NFL $10,000 for Posing in End Zone

Until yesterday, I thought the missed block in the back was the worst thing to come of the DeSean Jackson's 68-yard punt return in last Sunday's Skins-Eagles game. Apparently not.

The ever vigilant NFL Gestapo have reviewed the tape, and while there has been no mention of the blown non-call on the play, they have weighed in on Jackson's post-TD celebration. And thought so much of it that they fined Jackson and teammate Quintin Demps $10,000. Makes sense.

No flag was thrown at the time in the game. Both players told the Delaware County Daily Times that they would appeal.

"Yeah, that's crazy," Jackson told the newspaper.

Demps joined Jackson in the end zone after Jackson's 68-yard punt return gave the Eagles a 14-0 lead in the first quarter. The two celebrated by turning toward each other, with arms folded and heads bobbing -- a violation of the league's rule against "prolonged, excessive, premeditated or choreographed celebrations, particularly after scoring plays."

For cripes sake, already. Now we're fining guys for "Run DMC"-ing it? Jackson has had his moments this season, but I'm with him on this: yeah, it's crazy. And it's only going to get worse: NFL head of officials Mike Pereira recently decreed that the Cupid Shuffle is now illegal. Oh, the humanity.

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