Dalembert Removed From Team Canada

Samuel Dalembert, who became a Canadian citizen last summer in order to compete for the Canadian national basketball team, has either been kicked off or has deserted the team amid its bid to qualify for the Olympics, reports the Canadian Press.

Team coach Leo Rautins indicates his relationship with Dalembert have been rocky all summer, but doesn't play his hand as to what actually happened.

"Everybody that's here now wants to be here, and wants to be a part of this team, and that's it," said Rautins. "Everybody here is playing for each other, and playing for Canada, and if that's not your agenda, you're not here. [...] Something like this doesn't just happen in one game, or overnight. [...] It's kind of something that's been brewing a little bit."

Michael Grange of The Globe & Mailpoints out Rautins questioned Dalembert's effort after Canada's loss to Slovenia, in which Sam was awful.

By the way, the Canucks did pull off a victory in today's elimination game with Republic of Korea. Canada faces Croatia in the quarterfinals on Friday. Croatia beat Puerto Rico this morning, but lost nominal Buck Damir Markota to injury. The Croats do expect to have former nominal Net Zoran Planinic back for Canada, though. Puerto Rico stays alive despite the loss, but will face a Slovenian team which has been impressive to date.

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