Can Players Choose Their Own Nickname?

Andre Iguodala

Andre Iguodala feels like a new man with his new contract and new teammates who should take the Sixers to new heights. As such, he wants a new nickname. From the Philadelphia Daily News (via Skeets via Sixersoul):

"I don't like 'Iggy,' I don't mind 'The Other A.I.,' " he said. "It just shows the fans are watching basketball and know what I do. I want to be 'Dre, that's it.

"The A.I. thing, it's about Allen, always being in his shadow. He's a different player, brings a different element. It's like Kobe and Michael Jordan. Everybody says, 'Who's the next M.J?' You never want to be compared to another player [that way]. I just want to be me."

I totally get what he's saying about "The Other A.I." -- he's working on his own legacy, not living out Iverson's -- but 'Dre isn't much of a nickname. When I say "Iggy," every NBA fan knows who I'm talking about. Do you know how many guys named Andre are in the NBA? Well, I don't, but it's a lot, including 40% of Philly's starting lineup. Sorry man, but unless you come up with something better, it's going to be Iggy for a while.

In other nickname related news, Greg Oden wasn't a fan of the suggestion made by my colleague Matt Moore during an interview at Hardwood Paroxysm:

HP: Our blog has given you a new nickname. Due to your extremely personable and laid back demeanor and your ability to settle down an opponent's pace with a massive dunk, we've nicknamed you "The Big Chill." Is that nickname cool with you?

GO: Um, I'm not a huge fan of The Big Chill. I used to be called The Big Freeze (but I don't remember why), Odie and G-O. I like G-O the best.

I like "The Big Chill" more than "The Big Freeze," but they both get points for creativity, which is more than what can be said about going with his initials. C'mon guys, nicknames are supposed to be distinctive, hopefully with a dash of flair. Iggy and The Big Chill might not want to hear this, but the fans have the final say.

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