Bill Conlin Needs a Phillies Roster, Stat

Normally, when people make oversights, or slight mistakes, or brain farts -- particularly if these people are fellow writers, regardless of medium -- it's best to leave them alone. It's too easy to pick up on small little errors like that. We all make them. No one's perfect. And so on.

But when said scribe is named Bill Conlin, the same Bill Conlin who once dropped the Hitler-bomb in reference to bloggers (and compared us to colonial pamphleteers, which I actually regarded as a compliment), no mercy shall be given. Which is why I'm telling you this: Bill Conlin was asked to create a list of the best Phillies of all time, or something, and here are his second basemen (via Wrigleyville23):

1. Mariano Duncan.
2. Manny Trillo.
3. Mickeeeeeeeeeee Morannnnnnnndeeeeeeneeeeeee!

Ahem. Bill? You forgot Chase Utley. It's not even really close, either; Utley is so much better than Mickey Morandini it's laughable, and the next two on the list are fair game too. But no, Bill, you're right: It's definitely bloggers that are "full of sound and fury, signifying nothing." Whatever, you clown. At least we know how to use Baseball-Reference.

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