Facebook Confirms Phillies Fans Are Most Loyal

Last week, we told you about a brand study which concluded that Phillies fans were the most loyal in all of baseball. At first, I scoffed at this study -- saying such matters are completely arbitrary. But I have been proven wrong -- and stupid, because now a separate study conducted by Facebook says the exact same thing!

From the Kansas City Star:

Philadelphia fans, renowned for their bellicose affection for the Phillies, were least likely to hit the "Like" button for any other team.

Why would you hit the "Like" button for more than one team? You find me someone that did that, and I’ll go slap them in the ear.

Well over 60-percent of Phillies fans "Liked" no other team, compared to less than 5 percent of Washington Nationals fans. In that sense, Chang said, Philadelphia fans might be the most "loyal.”

Phillies fans were also the most "provincial," Facebook found, with the highest proportion of their Facebook friends also being fans of the team.

So to sum up, if you are an area Phillies fan, you probably hate every other baseball team (I approve) and you do your best to not associate with fans of those other teams (again, I approve). From those findings, I was able to construct a model Facebook status update today from a stereotypical Phillies fan:

WOOOOOOOO!!!! OPENING DAY! GO PHILS! EAT IT, HOUSTON! My aunt lives in Houston and I won’t friend her because she’s a LOSER!!!! WOOOOOOO!!!!!

Oh yeah, this will be a fun season.

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