Ex-Bird “Fred-Ex” Delivers a Promise to Return

Freddie Mitchell -- remember him? The "People's Champ," "Fred-Ex," "Eagles No. 1 Draft Pick," mohawked loudmouth -- he surely made a mark on Eagles fans.

Mitchell brought a bravado to the Birds and made some big plays in Philly including the unforgettable 4-and-26 catch.

After four seasons away from the game the former Eagles wide receiver wanted another shot at making a scene in the NFL. Never living up to the hype the first time time around wasn't enough it seemed.

Mitchell had a message for all those fans and haters out there. In a YouTube video posted earlier this week the "People's Champ" said that he is mounting a comeback to the NFL.

Will "Fred-Ex" deliver on his promise? Don't expect the answer to arrive in two to three days.

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