Everything You Need To Know About the NFL Draft in Philadelphia

The 2017 NFL Draft is quickly approaching in the City of Brotherly Love.

What a better way to welcome the newest NFL members than the first ever outdoor ceremony at the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

New Renderings Showcase NFL Draft's Philadelphia Transformation

Did you know? The very first NFL Draft occurred in Philadelphia on February 8th in 1935 at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. At that time the football league only had nine teams.

Since the mid-1930’s the NFL has now added 23 more teams to their roster.

The 2017 Draft consists of seven rounds over the course three days, where 32 teams will have one draft pick per round.

Visual Guide to NFL Draft Closures on Benjamin Franklin Parkway

After winning a coin toss with the Indianapolis Colts the Philadelphia Eagles with pick 14th.

The timeline of events start Thursday, April 27. 

The first round of the draft will begin at 8 p.m. where each team will have 10 minutes to select their pick.

Friday, April 28, the second and third rounds of the draft will start after 7 p.m. Teams will only have between 5-7 minutes to announce their picks. 

Looking Back: The Eagles 1st Pick in the Last 10 Drafts

The seventh and final round of the draft will begin at noon on Saturday where teams will have only 4 minutes to choose their players.

How did the 2017 NFL Draft end up in Philadelphia?

Our city was chosen out of 31 cities that applied to host the renowned event. As part of the application process, the city had to submit a written proposal for the NFL Draft.

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