A Night to Appreciate the Champs

Hey Phils Fans -- Just Enjoy the Game

Phillies fans should revel in the All-Star Game Tuesday night as a time for the champs to get some dap and not worry about the outcome.

Five Phillies and their manager will take the field in St. Louis tying a team-record for All-Star representatives. And, good, bad or ugly what those guys do out there doesn't really matter -- the fact that they got there in the first place was the important part.

The splash of red pinstripes at the Mid-Summer classic is a testament to the champs. These guys earned their way into the game with their play and some, like starters Chase Utley, Raul Ibanez and Shane Victorino, were in St. Louis because the fans wanted them there.

But will starters be taking their hacks at a future Phillie? Trade-bait Roy Halladay will take the hill for the American League.

That remained unknown.

But expect the Phillies to all see action because the skipper knows the guys that make him look good.

"I'm here because my players put me here," said NL Manager Charlie Manuel on MLB.com.

So, just enjoy the National League All-Stars’ Phillies’ flair. Enjoy Ryan Howard likely swinging for the fences late in the game and Jayson Werth getting the chance to run the bases.

Because even if baseball wants you to believe that “this one counts” by artificially tying the All-Star game winner and to home field advantage in the World Series (wouldn’t it make sense to pull an NBA and let the team with the best record get the advantage?), the game really doesn’t matter.

In a sport of constant motion the ASG is a time to sit back relax and just enjoy some baseball.

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