Philadelphians Calling God

Uh.. can we clone this guy, Moyer?

Yes, Virginia, there is a God and there are fair-weather fans -- or bandwagon fans -- whatever you want to call them. I’m not even sure what is the right vernacular. 

But here’s what it boils down to -- I’m one of those women who normally could not care less about a major sport of any kind, until there’s a great story to be told, or a story in the making about someone.

Don’t give me numbers. I need the emotional connection -- always. 

Thank you, Jamie Moyer

You gave me a very selfish reason to root for the home team tonight. It must have been the age thing. 

For the last few days, all I heard from the under-30 crowd was how nervous or wary they were that Moyer was pitching the third Game of the World Series. 

“A guy that age, his arm’s probably pretty tired by this point.”
“I think it’s a bad call.  He won’t last more than 4 innings.”
“I’m just not confident he can do it.”

Wait a minute?!  I'm a novice, but isn’t Moyer the guy on the team who won more games than any of the other pitchers this year?  Why the sudden loss of confidence?

Doesn’t time buy you perspective? Discipline? The one good thing about racking up birthdays is that you’re supposed to get to the "wisdom" part of life, eventually.

This was a game I couldn’t miss. I needed to be there, on the couch, watching you capture one of life's great moments. Especially after I heard baseball had been Moyer's life, literally, for nearly his entire life! 

Didn't Moyer's mom say that he was throwing a baseball around before he was out of diapers?

Thank you, Jamie.
It turned out to be the best Saturday night I’ve had in years. (Let’s just say we would have been in high school at the same time but I might have graduated before you. I really have an aversion to this age thing.)

Thank you, Jamie.
So what if you were tucked inside your locker today with your feet hanging out. I get that! Self-awareness comes with all those birthdays too.

You filter out the white noise and learn to stick with whatever works to get you in the right frame of mind.

Thank you, Jamie. 
I feel vindicated. I’m sure you have some much better adjectives to talk about how you’re feeling right about now.  

Philadelphians calling God.
Can we clone this guy? He’s a keeper.

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