Eagles Release Amazing Documentary Covering Entire 2017 Super Bowl Season

The Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl.

Just wanted to remind any of you who may have forgotten. I know it's not likely, but you never know. There are some weirdos in the world.

And not only did the Eagles win the Super Bowl, they just put together a 45-minute documentary with inside access to the team that only they could provide.

It's titled, "All We Got. All We Need.: 2017 Philadelphia Eagles Season," and you can watch it right now for free on YouTube.

From Doug Pederson speaking to his players at OTAs in the spring - "what are you willing to give up starting today so that we can hold that trophy high come February of next year" - to Doug after Brandon Graham's strip of Tom Brady - "we got the ball! we got the ball! we got the ball!" - this covers all of those amazing moments.

"Eagles fans everywhere, this is for you!" Merrill Reese exclaimed after the final whistle.

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