Eagles Player Ratings for Madden NFL 19 Are Out, Probably Too Low

The Madden NFL 19 video game will launch in a couple of weeks and they recently released the player ratings for the latest version of the wildly popular game.

Eagles fans may not be thrilled to know that Carson Wentz is only the 10th (!) most highly rated quarterback in the game with an 86 rating. Blasphemy, even if they are taking his health into account because he's basically Superman.

Nick Foles isn't far behind with an 80 rating. The game developers must not have watched the Super Bowl.

Other interesting tidbits from the rankings: the Eagles with the highest overall ratings are Malcolm Jenkins (94), Brandon Brooks (93), Fletcher Cox (93), Brandon Graham (93), Jason Kelce (92), Zach Ertz (91), Jason Peters (91), and Alshon Jeffery (90). Everybody else is in the eighties or below.

Tom Brady, the guy who dropped a pass in the Super Bowl, and Julio Jones, the guy who dropped a pass in the end zone in the playoffs, are rated 99 and 98 respectively.

Here's how the Eagles breakdown by position.


Madden NFL 19


Madden NFL 19

WRs and TE


Madden NFL 19




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