Eagles Killed It on Twitter This Season

Twitter isn't as much of an indication of public opinion as many treat it, but it's yet another avenue where the Eagles and their fans showed up this season.

According to data released by the social network, Carson Wentz was the second-most tweeted about NFL player this season, behind only Tom Brady.

The Eagles were the third-most mentioned team, trailing only the Steelers and Cowboys. The Patriots ranked fourth.

And how about this one: The #FlyEaglesFly hashtag was the second-most tweeted NFL hashtag behind only #NFL.

(Too bad Brandon Graham can't see most of it.)

As a result of all of this, the Eagles' official Twitter account grew its follower tally by 30 percent, from 2.2 million to just over 2.9 million. Step your game up, Redskins and Giants, with your cute little sub-2 million follower counts.

It helps that the Eagles have several players who not only tweet but also show their humor and personality - Malcolm Jenkins, Chris Long, Torrey Smith, Lane Johnson, Wentz, and that's just a few. Hard to imagine any other team being more active and accessible to its fans on social media.

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