Eagles Fans Will Like What Troy Aikman Admitted on Thursday Night Football

Eagles fans, you got in Troy Aikman's head and he admitted it.

During this week's Thursday Night Football telecast, after the audio was fixed, Troy Aikman talked about how Joe Flacco seems to always struggle in Cincinnati. 

He added this tidbit Eagles fans might like.

Here's the clip.

Flacco has played 19 career games against the Bengals and has a 9-10 record with a career 72.3 QB rating against them. At Paul Brown Stadium, however, he's just 3-6 with a 61.8 QB rating.

Now, the part Eagles fans will like. 

While his career success cannot be disputed, Aikman did struggle in games played in Philadelphia. During his career, Aikman played against Philly 21 times with a 10-11 record and a QB rating of just 63.7. The record gets worse when you look at how he played inside the not-so-friendly confines of Veterans Stadium. At the Vet, Aikman and the Cowboys were just 3-6 and Aikman failed to throw a TD in four of those nine games.

So, there you have it. He may have hoisted the Lombardi Trophy three times, but he feared you, Philly fans, and he admitted it.

Shout out to The700Level.

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