Eagles Fans Make ‘financial Apology' for Behavior Toward Vikings Fans

Some Vikings fans who attended the NFC Championship at Lincoln Financial Field were upset with the treatment they received. Apparently, some Eagles fans agree their brethren might've crossed the line.

In the words of Donovan McNabb, a handful of Eagles fans have even made a "financial apology" on behalf of the team's supporters. ESPN's Tim McManus reports a sizable uptick in donations to The Mike Zimmer Foundation - the Vikings' head coach its namesake - with notes of contrition attached.

Almost $7,000 has been collected from Eagles fans since the game, per McManus, with more money flowing in.

Whether Vikings fans who complained about the hospitality are being crybabies or have a legitimate gripe is probably in the eye of the beholder.

It certainly appeared there was some behavior that went overboard, as you would expect would happen at a lot of NFL stadiums hosting a big game, one where the home team's fans one win away from the Super Bowl. Generally speaking, people shouldn't fear for their safety, opposing team fans or not - and I can see how some may have felt that way.

At the same time, visitors should know to expect a hostile atmosphere at the Linc. If you think you're going to the NFC Championship in full Vikings gear and nobody is going to give you an even remotely hard time about it, you don't know football fans. That's most any city.

But the biggest takeaway of all here is there are clearly some Eagles fans with guilty consciences, either over what they participated in or what they witnessed. Knowing that it probably wouldn't hurt if a handful of the rowdies do a little bit of self-scouting of their conduct in the offseason.

There are certainly good Eagles fans among us. Case in point:

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