What's Behind Ronald Darby's ‘horrible' Play of Late?

Ronald Darby regrets his mini Twitter rant Tuesday morning when he said he was ready to block "half way fans." 

He even apologized (see story).

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But the reason Darby was "in his feelings" was that he didn't think he had a very good game against the Giants. Sure, he had a huge interception in the first half, but he was roasted and picked on by Eli Manning for much of the afternoon. Darby said it was one of the worst games of his career. 

"It was horrible," he said. 

On Thursday, Darby admitted he "sort of" overlooked the Giants' receivers but didn't want to use it as an excuse. In fact, Darby wasn't willing to use anything as an excuse. Not switching sides. Not his health. Not his relative unfamiliarity with the Eagles' scheme. 

Darby, 23, actually echoed what his defensive coordinator pointed at as the problem. Jim Schwartz said technique issues have been his problem. 

After joining the team Aug. 11, Darby didn't have a ton of time with the Eagles when he dislocated his right ankle in the season opener in Washington. Based on how gruesome that injury looked at the time, it's pretty amazing Darby has even been able to play at all this season. Since returning, he's played 93 percent of the defensive snaps in the last five games. 

But in those last five games, Darby has been far from a dominant corner. According to ProFootballFocus, he's given up 24 catches on 40 targets for 309 yards and a touchdown, with that one interception. 

How close is he to 100 percent? 

"Right now, I feel I'm as good as I'm gonna be," he said. "That don't make no excuse for nothing. I'm out there playing, so I need to play at 100. Even when you're not feeling 100. I'm not the only person out there not feeling 100."

After Darby went down in the opener, Jalen Mills took over at the team's left cornerback. That means Darby has returned on the right side, which he admitted was awkward at first, but has become more familiar. 

The Eagles traded Jordan Matthews and a third-round pick to get Darby this summer and they need him to play well in these playoffs. Rookie Rasul Douglas played well while Darby was out, but Darby gives the Eagles their best chance at success. 

What's the next step after a "horrible" game against the Giants? 

"Move on," Darby said. "That wasn't the first time I played bad before. We play corner. There can be games where you cover tight on somebody and they make a catch on you and it could go like that the whole game. It's just how the position is." 

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